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  • Drink plenty of water, especially when trekking or joining a picnic as with the humid climate, you will be dehydrated and thirsty easily. Remember to buy water at convenience stores or supermarket rather than at street vendors and avoid drinking from tap water and ice cubes if you have a sensitive stomach.
  • Keep all valuables in a safe place or at safety box at hotel. If you have much cash, you should divide into small amounts and put them in different places with you, so in case you meet the pickpocket or lose money elsewhere, you still have others to use. If you are on tour, please do not leave your valuables in the vehicle, take all with you since no one will take responsibilities in case you lose your belongings which is not along with you.
  • When visit sacred areas as temple or pagoda, wear long trousers and dress respectfully.
  • Refer to information carefully before traveling abroad from reliable sources as internet, your friends or reputable travel agent. 
  • Always carry a map which you could easily take ones from your hotel and hotel card in case you need to show to the locals, taxi driver or motorcycle taxi riders. 
  • Ask for permission before taking pictures even if you are at big cities or urban areas. If you have a tour guide, you could ask him/her to help you ask for permission. At military or restricted area, you should pay attention since most of these areas do not allow for taking photos.
  • When crossing the road, walk steadily and slowly in the same direction, always looking to the left and right. Do not run or make sudden movements.
  • Try not to lose face in public - hold your temper and put on the biggest smile you have.
  • Certainly confirm the exchange rate before exchanging money at any exchange money boosts or shops
  • Always bring tissue or toilet paper along with you. This is quite funny but you will not be able to realize its importance until you need it.
  • Do not wear a lot of jewelry’s or show valuables in public, you might be a target for pickpockets or robbers, especially at big cities and touristic destinations.
  • Express the affection of lovers in public like deep kisses but holding hands should be fine.
  • Do not offer money to begging children or minority people. Donate or, even better, volunteer at a local charity instead. When travelling in remote areas, it is okay to offer candies or small gifts, such as pens, paper, soap etc ...
  • Sleep or sit when the foot pointing straight at the altar or temples when you break at someone's home
  • Do not go out alone when it is too late, or in secluded place.
  • Do not go naked or topless on beaches or in the water. Culturally, this is incredibly innappropriate and offensive


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