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1. Amendments of the itinerary

Clients’ making changes to itinerary can happen and is understandable. Alterations to the itinerary after reservation has been made will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to charge additional charges and/or issue discounts based on the requested alterations, the time they are submitted, and other circumstances that may arise.

2. Travel Documents

All clients are required to possess a 6-months valid passport and necessary visas, and then are permitted to travel in other countries. At times, we assist clients out of good will with travel documents. However, Vietsense Travel and our consultants are not liable for any assistance provided in obtaining visas or travel documents that results in failure. Client is responsible to obtain and verify all legal information regarding travel documents from the applicable state department.

3. Insuarance & Vaccinations

Regarding your travel insurance, if you wish we can undertake contacting your insurance company on your behalf in the very unlikely event of your needing to make a claim and being unable to notify them yourself. If this would be helpful, please let me know your insurance company’s contact details and the reference number of your policy.

We expect you’ve already attended to it, but just in case, don’t forget your medical precautions and vaccinations. It’s important to visit a doctor or a specialist travel clinic as early as possible before your flight to Vietnam to allow time for any side-effects of the recommended courses of vaccinations to settle down.

4. Luggage Allowance

According to travel luggage requirements of local governments in the country/countries that you intend to travel, you can bring certain given weight of luggage by free of charge. Client is responsible for paying for any additional fees resulting from baggage in excess of the airlines allowed luggage weight and size.

5. Guests with disabilities/ Special diets

Guests with disabilities are welcomed at Vietsense Travel. Any person requiring special services, assistance, equipment or accommodations must inform our sales at time of reservation. But in worse cases, we reserve the right to refuse requested accommodation if it is not readily achievable. Guests using wheelchairs must be accompanied by a companion during the journey.
If guests have special dietary needs, we must be required at the time of booking or latest 3 days before arrival at the airport.

6. Feedbacks & Complaints

Whenever you feel unsatisfied with tour services of Vietsense Travel, please contact us or inform your local tour guide or your travel consultant immediately, in order to avoid other similar problems/situations happening again during your trip.

If you intend to request a claim for compensation, you must contact us by email, regular mail, or fax in writing 10 days after ending your tour for us to initiate the claim review. Please keep relevant receipts and substantiating evidence carefully and submit as requested. For any claims made later than 10 days after end of your tour Vietsense Travel will not be liable to process the claim.

7. Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our Terms & Conditions, you can contact us or enquire our travel consultant via the web form at www.vietnamsensetravel.com , the email at inbound@vietsensetravel.com, the hotline at+ 84 982 691 919  



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